Quality that can be measured.

All components are manufactured on the most modern computer-controlled machines - their accuracy ensure great quality of the final products. Additionally all our materials and components comply with strict quality standards confirmed by certificates.

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Our quality assurance

Quality can be measured and we don't leave anything without control. In all steps of the production we implement strict quality standards - all components of our barbells are tested in order to provide best products possible.

Dirk Hohenhausen und Valentin Horstmann

This is HY-quality

Our products are the result of decades of experience in selecting and processing steel, knowledge and passion to sport. The fact that we dedicated our careers to sport, especially crossfit and Olympic weightlifting, let us develop a barbell that is not only extremely durable, but has been adapted to the needs of full range of weightlifting disciplines. With all these features, they are also great choice for your home gym.

Licensed steel

We produce our barbell bars from special fine grain steel based on 42CrMo(S)4. Our licensed production process, best materials and knowledge about human body let us craft unique barbells perfect for every professional.

Low carbon emissions

Our supply chain and manufacturing is 98% vertically integrated - we rely on our own production and cooperation only with trusted, regional partners. Our components don't travel form the other half of the world - we manufacture everything locally in order to keep an eye on every, even tiniest step of production of our barbells. This also reduces the impact for natural environment.

Sustainable Packaging

For shipping our products we use special, multiple-use wooden boxes. This ensures that carbon footprint is limited to minimum.

Made in Germany

We don't just say "Made in Germany", we actually belive it and implement in all steps of the production. All materials, standard parts, mechanical processing and coatings are manufactured in Germany. Only then it has real meaning.

Our references

I love training in my home gym. However, since I almost always train alone, I have to be able to rely on my training equipment at all times. So it's no wonder that I found the perfect barbell for my training at the Hyde Bar: highest quality, competent contacts and no compromises.

Alexander Michaelsen
Creative Director & passionate Crossfit athlete

I've been using the Hyde barbell for a few months now for my own training, primarily in Olympic weightlifting. The feeling is very good and the difference to conventional bars is clearly noticeable. Details such as an additional grip marks for weightlifting make this barbell exceptional.

Jonas Schmidt
Strength & Conditioning Coach

The quality brings great performance of the products in all aspects.

Yannick Obenauer
Sports scientist & Performance Coach

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