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"Nie hat jemand eine Langhantel in Frage gestellt."

In contrast to training on weight machines, where freedom of movement is limited, the barbell allows you to move a weight exactly as your body naturally should because every aspect of the movement is determined by the body itself.

The movement with barbells uses a larger number of muscles and thus helps to increase core strength and stability throughout the body, which is where we come in and have adapted and optimized our barbells in terms of functionality and needs so that the athlete achieves the best possible training and competition performance.

Valentin Horstmann:

I am a trained sports and fitness manager, have Crossfit Level 2 and am a competitive sports coach in Olympic weightlifting. During my training I understood how important it is to stand behind your own philosophy in order to be able to pursue and achieve the customer's goal with full commitment, and I have knowledge and experience in a variety of training options such as EMS training, the Space Curl and the Powerplate.


Family business

Die Hohenhausen GmbH is medium-sized company from Soltau in northern Germany. We have more than 35 years in metals processing.

The strict quality requirements that we apply in manufacturing our barbells can only be compared with production of components and devices in aviation

In development and manufacturing of our barbells we incorporated knowledge learned from aviation and oil industries. High, strict quality standards used by such companies helped us made better barbell.

Highest precision and quality without compromises is our primary rule.


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